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History of the village

The first mention of the village Hvozdná dates from 1446, but according to some records the first residents settled in area around the stream Korábek as early as 1413. We do not know why they left their original settlemen­ts and moved to the present village of Hvozdná. Other records proclaim that the village was inhabited in 1425.

The earliest history of the village Hvozdná

In 1413 the Lukov manor was inherited by Jiří, minor son of Albert of Šternber­k. In 1425, Jiří and his brother Lacek litigated a dispute involving half of the estate with their uncle Albert Holešov­ský. Each side was represen­ted by a strong man who fought for his Lord and the winner of this combat would decide the case of the Lords. The Lord of Lukov manor chose a large man from Hvozdná and fed him meat and fatty foods. The wrestler for the Lord of Holešov was from Prusino­vice and was fed peas. Apparen­tly the wrestler for the Lord of Holešov won the combat.

In the municipal books we find mention of Hvozdná a little bit later, in 1438, when the village is named in a deed of donation of the Lord Albert of Šternber­k. Hvozdná belonged to the Lukov manor and experien­ced both good and bad times. During the Thirty Year's W­ar, just 28 fami­lies lived in the village. Even in 1667, only ten from a total of 23 homes­teads were inhabited. In those days, change of the families occurred. Until this time we can trace the oldest surname in the village – Lukeš. Then there is the surname Hvozden­ský, family of inherita­ble reeves (adminis­trative officer of a town or distric­t), who adopted name of the village as their surname.

To walk through Hvozdná from south to north means going zigzag up the hill. The road leads past a pub where a little old church once stood. We can see the church’s ap­pearance in the village seal. Just few steps further there is the church built in 1785, P5200014 kopiecon­secrated to All the Saints. The area around the church is well-kept. Further­more, the road leads around the school and a theatre for amateur actors, whose work is well known in whole region. The upper part of the village is called Osmek, whose name is adopted from special action, when teamsters fastened a small tree over the wheel (which was called “osmek”). When a teamster stood on one end of the tree, the other end would apply the brake to the wheel and ground. In the crossro­ads to Ostrata, Březová and Štípa we can find the Cyril and Methodius stone cross which reminds us of the old times. Not so long ago, a little chapel stood here in the shadows of the old linden-trees. It had to be moved to another place, which was the former location of the house of the Březík family. There is a shop and a restaurant next to the football pitch. In the village there is also a modern distille­ry, several private busines­ses, whose services benefit the whole village. In the lower end of the village, in a beautiful environ­ment, there is a recreati­onal area. On the slope near the forest we can find cottages and below them there is the pond, which was recently cleaned out and is used for swimming. The village Hvozdná has a municipal office and a village council which is very active. Hvozdná inhabitan­ts have always been diligent. In recent years, they have built a sewer system and widened the narrow road leading through the village, which was very difficul­t, because of houses along the road and the sloppy terrain. Also, residen­tial construc­tion has progres­sed and alongside older houses we can see very nice family villas. Hvozdná has changed beyond recogni­tion in recent y­ears.

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