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Present in the village Hvozdná

The village Hvozdná is located 12 km northeast from Zlín, 333 meters above sea level. Nearby the village there is pond called Argalaš­ka. Eleven hundred and forty (1140) inhabitan­ts live in the cadastral area of 735 hec­tares.

The origin of the name indicates that the village is surrounded by forests. The first mention of Hvozdná comes from 1446. In the past it belonged to the Lukov manor. Zikmund Skyba (1909 – 1957), editor of “Právo Lidu”, poet, writer and journalist was born in Hvozdná. In 1932, painter and medalist Josef Hvozden­ský was born in Hvozdná (†2009).

There are three cultural relics in the village – the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows from 1870, a Wooden Cross transfe­rred from the former cemetery and the Peace Stone Cross – without the upper part. All three relics are located near the crossro­ads in Osmek. Then there is the church from 1748 and a statue of the Lion of Hvozdná.

At the municipal office there is located the Gallery of Josef Hvozden­ský. The painter donated many of his paintings and medals and the exhibiti­on is open dgaleri­eaily to the public. The school building dates from 1896. For new houses the village created two new building sites. At present the village has nine flats with community care service. There is also a pediatri­cian in the medical office. In the same building there are rehabili­tation and sports faciliti­es. A footba­ll field and a children's p­laygrou­nd are the highlig­hts of Hvozdná.

There is a new sports complex in the village – tennis and squash halls, tennis courts and an open air swimming pool. What is really important for the village is the amateur theatre – number of members exceeds 126 adul­ts and 40 chil­dren in „actor’s t­raining“. The theatre has its own building and its history dates from 1929. The actors regularly partici­pate in competi­tions and shows in Vysoké nad Jizerou, Jiráskův Hronov, Zlín, Napajedla etc. We also have hobby groups – gardener­s, breeders, hunters, pensioners club and firefig­hters.